How can organisations learn from their work, and from the full range of people they work with? How can they assess the merit of projects or project portfolios in complex settings?
I have led in more than 30 evaluations, carried out solo and in diverse, inter-disciplinary and cross-country teams in the complex fields of social development, international cooperation, governance, and human rights, among others. I have reviewed hundreds of evaluations for
their quality and for their findings, developing meta-evaluations and syntheses of findings. I have advised evaluators, and I have commissioned evaluations on behalf of donors.

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You are invited to access three types of services:

Evaluation, with many options: external evaluation or the facilitation of a self-evaluation, brief or extensive, one-off or more developmental, single-method or mixed-methods, ex-ante, mid-term or ex-post…

Evaluation management and advice for those who commission evaluations, and for evaluation teams

Meta-evaluation, including of evaluation quality, and syntheses of evaluation findings Ethics, sensitivity for gender and diversity and participation are always part of the process.

Samples of published evaluation reports are available online. 

Evaluation des Förderbereichs Menschenrechte von Brot für die Welt – Synthesebericht. Download

Review of approaches and methods in evaluations of interventions related to violence against women and girls. UK Department for International Development (DFID, 2014). Innovative visualisation of the results of Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) received the European Evaluation Society’s Best Poster Award, 2014 Download

Evaluation of the “We Can End All Violence against Women” Campaign (Oxfam) Download

Please check the NEWS section for information on upcoming contributions to international conferences on evaluation.