About me - Independent consultant since 2008

Facilitation and management of evaluations, strategy development, planning, monitoring and learning – in organisations and programmes,  internationally and in Germany

Leadership in some 40 evaluations, reviews and syntheses of complex projects, programmes and portfolios across five continents, in international teams and solo

Programme director/ head of regional programme/ programme officer in civil society and multilateral organisations (pre-2008)

Native-level fluency in English, German and French.
Chinese, Dutch and Italian language speaking and understanding.
Getting by in Spanish and Hungarian, basic Arabic conversation

Postgraduate, M.A. and B.A. level degrees in International Law, Political Studies and Regional Studies

Trained GIZ Capacity WORKS user, continuous education in evaluation methods, facilitation, visualisation

Peer reviewed by the European Evaluation Society (2018), member of the International Association of Facilitators

Please get in touch with me if you wish to see my full CV.

Exemplary publications

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  • Raab, Michaela and Rocha, Jasmin (April 2019) “The Efficiency Criterion. Can we make better use of it?“
    Guest Blog on Evaluation for Development.
  • Raab, Michaela and Stuppert, Wolfgang (April 2018) “Effective evaluation of projects on violence against women and girls”. Development in Practice Volume 28 Issue 4 pp.541-551.
  • Raab, Michaela (January 2016) “Evaluationen wirkungsvoll nutzen” (Conference review).
    Zeitschrift für Evaluation Volume 15 Issue 1 pp. 133-137.
  • Hummelbrummer, Richard, B. Causemann, T. Mutter and M. Raab (2015) “Systemische Ansätze in der Evaluation” in Evaluation komplexer Systeme. Potsdamer Geographische Praxis // 10. Potsdam.
  • Raab, Michaela and Stuppert, Wolfgang (July 2015) “Gegen Unterdrückung im Namen der Ehre: das Projekt HEROES”. Unsere Jugend Volume 67 Issue 7&8 pp. 300-308.
  • Raab, Michaela and Stuppert, Wolfgang (2015) “Gegen Unterdrückung im Namen der Ehre. Ein Peer-Ansatz mit Jugendlichen aus „Ehrenkulturen“ in Lüter, Albrecht and Bergert, Michael (Hrsg.) Gewaltprävention in einer pluralen Stadt. Drei Projektevaluationen. Arbeitsstelle Jugendgewaltprävention. Berlin.
  • Raab, Michaela and Rocha, Jasmin (October 2013) “Understanding quality in services supporting women survivors of gender-based violence”. Development in Practice Vol. 23 Issue 7 pp.826-839.
  • Raab, Michaela (October 2013) “’Evidence artefacts’ oder Hilfen für Erkenntnisgewinn?”
    (Conference review). Zeitschrift für Evaluation Volume 12 Issue 2 pp. 315-320.
  • Raab, Michaela (June 2008) “Could cognitive theory enhance development practice?” Development in Practice Volume 18 Issue 3 pp. 430-436.

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