Gender and equity mainstreaming

Women’s rights, gender equality, gender justice, gender equity, gender harmful-blind-sensitive-responsiv-transformative approaches, intersectionality, anti-gender movements, gender mainstreaming and feminist policy – what is it all about?

Since the 1995 World Conference on Women, when I started working on gender issues, work for gender equality and broader efforts to Leave No-One Behind, a promise of Agenda 2030 with its global Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), has expanded.

Contact me to reflect together how you can strengthen equality and equity in your organisation and your work.

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Gender sensitisation

Gender sensitisation is about strengthening knowledge, skills and commitment on gender. I provide this service mainly in complex multi-cultural contexts such as international cooperation, in diverse teams or solo. My approach is feminist, intersectional (see yellow box to the right) and participatory. Participants learn to recognise, question, and rebuild thinking habits – and ultimately, behaviour.

Training and individual coaching are offered in English, French, and German, solo and in diverse teams, in real-life spaces as well as online. Depending on client needs, I use existing training packages and/or develop a bespoke set of tools and exercises.

Gender & equity mainstreaming

A central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to Leave No One Behind. How can we spot inequities and injustice linked to aspects of people’s identity, such as gender, age, social class, ethnic origin, religion, physical and mental ability? How do people and organisations need to plan, monitor and evaluate to recognise and manage the risk of leaving certain groups behind? 

Intersectional gender mainstreaming considers how discrimination and exclusion linked to overlapping, mutually reinforcing (intersecting) identities can be recognised. That is a key step to start avoiding (unwittingly) deepening inequalities and inequities, and to work for a more equal and just future for all.

Some products of this work have been published. Others are not online, but freely available upon request, such as a study on gender mainstreaming in four German organisations (in German).

Raab, Michaela (2017) Gender-Responsive Work on Land & Corruption: A practical guide

Ending Violence against Women: An Oxfam Guide (2012) Download

UN WOMEN Knowledge Asset on campaigning: (“Campaigns” link).

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