You are looking for a facilitator who enjoys working on complex issues with highly diverse groups, maybe even across languages and media? Whether it is a consultation, a joint planning process, a self-evaluation or a training – external facilitation can make huge difference.

Get in touch to find out how I help you make your workshops, conferences and other events more productive and enjoyable.

I facilitated my first workshops in 1995, at the Huairou NGO Forum (World Conference on Women).

My palette of methods is inspired by Theme-Centred Interaction (TCI) and Nancy Kline’s thinking environments, among other sources. I enjoy using quick sequences of individual, small group and plenary action and interaction, an approach developed and refined by the Institute of Cultural Affairs over decades.

I have had the privilege of evaluating exciting facilitation methods and training packages, deepening my insights. Since the early 2020s, elements of Design Thinking and Scrum have flown into my practice.

I work with groups of various sizes and purposes, made up of people who work together every day or of complete strangers, in English, French and German and with translation.

Workshops can last just a couple of hours or come in many instalments stretched over several weeks.

In 2021 – 2023, I served as an (online) PME Campus trainer on designing and facilitating online workshops. 

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