PME Clinic

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You have drafted a logical framework, or a theory of change, and you need someone to check it? You are struggling to find progress indicators that meet your funder’s expectations? You need someone to bounce off ideas on your monitoring system?

My PME clinic can help! I facilitate not only evaluation, but also planning and monitoring in international cooperation and a whole range of other contexts.

Feel free to get in touch for an online or face-to-face conversation for a first diagnosis!

My PME clinic is here to keep your planning, monitoring and evaluation system healthy.

I offer punctual troubleshooting interventions. For instance, to fix that indicator or data collection routine that does not quite work the way it should. Or to check whether your results framework could be made clearer, or more robust with some good evidence from research – a quick, diagnostic intervention, so to say. But it could also be longer process, accompanying your programme in developing and refining its strategy and its monitoring and evaluation system. 

You can use the PME clinic for quick, individual support in a one-on-one online session. But I can also come to your organisation for more thorough diagnosis and support, e.g., to strengthen your overall PME system. 

For those who work in German development cooperation: I am a trained user of GIZ’s systems approaches-inspired Capacity WORKS model for 

managing cooperation. And I draw from a variety of sources, e.g., for theory of change development and gender-responsive strategy.   

In addition to the PME clinic, I deliver PME training, tailored to the participants‘ specific needs or based on readily available packages (e.g., any standard training developed by your organisation).

Clients in PME training have included, among others, GIZ (German cooperation), UN Women and Transparency International, in a wide range of settings, face-to-face and online. 

PME stands for “planning, monitoring and evaluation”. There are many acronyms around these activities. Some include the terms „learning“. A popular example is MEL, which stands for “monitoring, evaluation, and learning”. 

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