Michaela Raab

An independent evaluator and facilitator in highly diverse contexts and languages, I am open to collaboration in many configurations – as a sole consultant, as a team member, or as an advisor and trainer. If you look for an experienced consultant, get in touch with me here.


Changed expectations from evaluation

We enjoyed our discussion (Diskussionsforum) on 17 September with fellow evaluators at the annual DeGEval conference. Many thanks to all the participants! For a glimpse of my intervention on changing expectations from evaluations, have a look at the Blog.

Online workshops lebendig gestalten (in German)

Wie können Sie online-Workshops im PME-Bereich auch mit einfachen Mitteln rund, anregend und produktiv gestalten – sowohl im eigenen Team als auch über Grenzen hinweg? Mein online-Workshop beim PME Campus bietet Ideen und praktische Werkzeuge.
Die nächste Ausgabe ist für Januar 2022 geplant.

Get in touch with us here if you need a workshop on online facilitation in English or French.

Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PME) clinic

How to organise your theory of change? Where to look for effective indicators? How to phrase your project objective to meet donor requirements? How to design evaluation terms of reference? Feel free to book me here for brief consultations, online or face-to-face!

The service is available in English, French, German and – via translation – in other languages.



Assessing the merit of complex projects and project portfolios around the world, in international teams or solo, and with a commitment to methodological fit and innovation

PME Clinic

Supporting organisations in strengthening their planning, monitoring, and evaluation (PME) processes and structures with advice, training & coaching

Evaluation management

Advice and support in managing evaluations – individual evaluations or entire evaluation portfolios


Developing & facilitating face-to-face and online workshops for consultation, joint planning, reflection, and training in many contexts & languages

Intersectional gender training

Strengthening knowledge, skills and commitment on gender and diversity issues

Gender Mainstreaming

Facilitating planning, monitoring and evaluation informed by intersectional gender analysis