Gender expertise

Since the 1995 World Conference on Women, when I started working on gender issues, the topic has deepened and expanded, and so has my advisory and training practice.

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Intersectional gender training

Intersectional gender training is about strengthening knowledge, skills and commitment on gender and diversity. My focus is on designing and delivering gender training in the context of international cooperation, with its special challenges and opportunities. The approach is a resolutely participatory one, facilitating processes whereby the participant or participants learn to recognise, question, and reconstruct their thinking habits and related behaviour.
Training and individual coaching are offered in English, French, and German, solo and in diverse teams, in real-life spaces as well as online. I am happy to use existing training packages and/or put together a fitting set of tools and exercises picked from a growing collection of international resources.

Gender (& diversity) mainstreaming

A central promise of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is to Leave No One Behind. What does that mean in practice?
If you wish to avoid excluding anyone because of their gender, sexual orientation, family background, origin, or other aspects of their identity, how should you set up your organisation? How should you plan, monitor, and evaluate your strategies and projects, to spot and prevent discrimination linked to aspects of people’s identity and the ways in which they interreact (‘intersect’)?
Please contact me for facilitation and advice informed by intersectional gender analysis, solo or in teams with gender experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

Some products of this work have been published. Others are not online, but freely available upon request, such as a study on gender mainstreaming in four German organisations (in German).

Raab, Michaela (2017) Gender-Responsive Work on Land & Corruption: A practical guide

Ending Violence against Women: An Oxfam Guide (2012) Download

UN WOMEN Knowledge Asset on campaigning: (“Campaigns” link).